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Making Memories is What We Do

We are Kerrie and Maddy, co-founders of Pink Bear Events, a Hertfordshire based events company specialising in hosting themed events for preschoolers as well as awesome ladies nights for mums and their friends!


Our events allow you to spend a few precious hours without interruption, catching up with old friends, or as a family, creating special memories that last for years to come. 

Just Two Mum's With a Dream

Co-Founders Maddy and Kerrie were both 6 months into their maternity leave when they decided to create Pink Bear. Two new mums run ragged trying to create special memories with their children but with nowhere to go. They had visions of a fun, interactive event which held everything under one roof, where children’s imaginations would be nurtured, they could mark those special dates in the year with their families and most importantly their children could have fun and make memories. This was the beginning of Pink Bear Events.

A Different Way to Spend the Weekends

We don't just do events for babies and toddlers, here at Pink Bear Events we also love to throw the ULTIMATE Ladies night. A place where drinks flow, music plays and old friends get together to drink, dance and have fun!

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