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prohibited items

Please see below a list of Prohibited Items, please note management reserves the right to add/amend items listed up until the start of the event:

  • Dogs and other pets; except assistance/guide dogs.

  • Glass items.

  • Lasers, aerosols or sharp objects.

  • Hobby model aircraft and drones.

  • Professional camera or visual recording equipment; small hand held personal cameras without enhanced lenses are permitted.

  • Audio recording equipment.

  • Hard balls, frisbees or similar sports items.

  • Placards or banners on poles, whistles, air horns.

  • Furniture and equipment.

  • Naked flames, candles, fireworks, flares, flammable liquids, Chinese lanterns or any other item that may be considered unsuitable or unsafe.

  • Illegal substances.

  • Cyclists welcome but bicycles within the event areas are prohibited. Bicycles may be left at an area adjacent to the Entrances at the Owner's risk.

  • Prohibited or unsafe items will be confiscated at the Owner’s risk and without liability to the Organiser.

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